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Atos Healthcare wrongly declared severely disabled woman 'fit to work'

The mother of a severely disabled woman who was wrongly told she was fit to work is calling for changes to the way people with disabilities are treated when claiming benefits.

A medical report described Ruth Anim as a man and said she could find a job within a year.

Her family successfully appealed, but her mother Cecilia Anim is angry they were put through the ordeal.

Atos Healthcare, which carried out the assessment, has apologised.

The private firm carried out nearly three quarters of a million face-to-face assessments last year on people claiming the new sickness benefit, Employment and Support Allowance.

Ruth Anim, 27, from Kilburn, who has epilepsy, heart problems, severe autism and curvature of the spine, has the mental age of a 10-year-old.

Her mother, who is deputy president of the Royal College of Nursing, said: "I work, that is challenging enough, looking after Ruth is equally challenging because you have to meet her basic needs, support her when you take her out and everywhere.

"To have these unnecessary stand-out pressures is what we don't need.

"We should be left alone to look after her."

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