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Accessing Advice

How we can help

This section will tell you more about how we may be able to help you with your legal problem.

The Disability Law Service is only funded to provide free advice in these specific areas of law:

We can do this through telephone advice sessions or by post, fax or email.

If you have an enquriy which is not an area of law that we cover then use this free online legal adviser finder search:


Telephone Advice Line

Funding cuts have resulted in a reduction of our telephone advice line hours.

Due to the large volume of calls that our small team receive daily, it is likely you will be asked to leave your name and telephone number on voicemail. We will try to call you back within 24 hours (depending on the number of calls we have received).

You will not be able to speak to a legal adviser immediately.

Our triage staff will take your personal details / the personal details of the disabled person, and the details of the issue you / or the disabled person needs help with.

If you are phoning about an issue which falls within our areas of law, we will book you a telephone appointment to speak with one of our legal advisers within the next two weeks (subject to availability).

If you are phoning about an issue we do not have the expertise to help you with, we will try to refer you to another specialist organisation which should be able to help.

You will find it helpful to look through our wide range of factsheets before you ring, as they may answer your question for you and provide additional valuable information.

Click here to download our factsheets


Telephone: 020 7791 9800

To contact us in writing:

We are only accepting written enquiries from those that cannot use our telephone advice service.

It will usually take us 7 – 10 working days for you reply however due to demand and cuts it may take longer.


Disability Law Service
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UK Registered Charity number: 280805
UK Limited Company Registration number: 1408520

General enquiries and orders

Fax: 020 7791 9802

E-mail: advice@dls.org.uk

Click here to use on our online enquiry submission form

When writing please remember:

Give us your name or the name of the disabled person you are making the enquiry for, your full postal address including postcode, your telephone number and details of the issue you need help with.

If there are any significant dates involved such as deadlines for court action, disciplinary hearings or appeals, please ensure that you put these in your enquiry.

For our monitoring purposes we also need to know your ethnic background, your impairment, your age and how you found us.