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​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the online home of the Disability Law Service. Our mission is to provide information, advice and assistance to those with disabilities and their carers. We are a charity and rely upon donations and the limited funding that we receive from third parties. If you would like to assist the Disability Law Service ('DLS') you can find more information by clicking 'get involved'.

Free Legal Advice

0207 791 9800

​Call now for advice on the above number or why not look at one of our range of free factsheets for assistance. DLS provides free legal advice in the following areas of law:









DLS are looking for Volunteers

Click above for further details

"Tender Announcement

​Provision of Training Material"


Disability Law Service has been awarded a grant by the Cabinet Office's Local Sustainability Fund to:-

  • Recruit Volunteers who work as in-house Lawyers at corporations;
  • Provide training to the Volunteers in relevant areas of law which will be paid for by their employers;
  • Utilise the trained Volunteers such that the capacity of DLS to assist is increased;
DLS requires the preparation of detailed, high quality training material in the area of Employment and Discrimination Law as part of its work to execute the project. As the legal staff of DLS are fully engaged in client work it has been decided to outsource this requirement.

 The Tender document can be obtained by emailing David Laurence at 
Bidders have until 30/09/2016 to respond.  


Great DFG Guide Produced by Ombudsman​

The local government ombudsman has produced an excellent guide to Disabled Facilities Grants which highlight many of the issues those with disabilities face.

Government to stop paying mortgage interest payments

The change will turn the current payment into a loan and extend the timeframe before any a claim can be made. 

Human Rights Website launched

A human rights website has been launched with a section specialising in disability, see here for details.